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Test and improve technical projects

The current application will be reviewed to identify design weaknesses, to be redesigned again while avoiding major design flaws and taking into account the type of system used for the application.

We make sure that the user experience is easy and fast

We accomplish this through several steps, which..


Searches are made with employers and a sample of the target audience. To know how to build the product that we can understand the goals behind the product.


Processing the search results so we translated into design and real project.


We start designing with steps from drawing and modeling until reaching the final visual model.


We launched the first version with setting standards that will determine the success of our goals, which we will be measured after the project is tested by users.


It is ascertained whether the is design is understandable and easy to use or is complex and does not reach the desired goals.


When we start measuring results, we see the real user behaviors, not the one we assumed, here we learn more about his needs. Then we translate this information into improvements.


When we have information about user behavior and how they use the product, we analyze this information and translate it into the learning stage.

Ease of use is the practical component of the user experience which includes..

  • Effectiveness.
  • Efficiency.
  • Productivity.
  • Flexibility.
  • The ability to learn and retain.
  • How satisfied the user is.


The project has four main stages:

The planning and review stage

The prototype drawing stage

Prototype test

Apply identity to the design

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